Monday, April 18, 2011

1000 Gifts, #1 - 10

1000 Gifts, #1-10

Counting my blessings and thanking God…

1. Jesus. Because of Him, I am a new creation!

2. God. Because of His gift of Jesus, the world has hope.

3. The Holy Spirit. My Comforter, my Teacher, One just like Jesus, coming alongside to help.

4. My salvation. O happy day!

5. The Bible, God’s very words to us to show us how to – and how not to – live our lives day by day.

6. My husband, a gift from God. God in our marriage has made all the difference.

7. My children, blessings from God’s hands.

8. My children being Christians and loving Jesus. I am so grateful. They are women of God. I love them so much. I am so proud of the people they are. I am so happy that God’s Word lives in their hearts and their spirits. God has wonderful plans for them.

9. My son-in-law, who is a Christian. Praying for Christian spouses for my other children, as well.

10. My grandchildren, sweethearts and blessings indeed. Young men and women of God.

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  1. What a great start for your 1000 gifts list!
    I have been choosing three things every so often off to text to my three oldest kids who have phones, even though two of them are still here full time. They have caught on and often text me back three things.
    I love One Thousand Gifts! Thanks for sharing your list.

  2. A wonderful start on the journey of thankfulness that never ends! It sounds like you have a wonderful family :)