Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I Love for Dry Skin

I've tried a lot of products in the hope of finding something that will work on the dry skin and splits on my hands and fingertips. I'm happy to say that there are two products that I have come to love! Lubriderm Intense Skin Repair Ointment (notice it's the ointment) is wonderful stuff! Makes a huge difference overnight on my hands and my heels. I'm sure it would work just as well on elbows and knees. If the dry, chapped areas and fingertip splits are particularly painful, I'll put some Carmex from the stick on them. Doesn't hurt, and heals fast. Usually within a day or two of using the Carmex, I'm able to use the Lubriderm Ointment again.

Find more things to love here. You can also check the guidelines here and add a 'thing' of your own! :)

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  1. Thanks for the comment and question on my blog. In making my bread, I use tap water and get it pretty warm...not hot. I hope you will give the recipe a has worked well for me.
    PS...I love the button at the bottom of your page with how long you've been married...Congrats!